Retrowave: Theme for EmulationStation and RetroPie

For my latest RetroPie build, I wanted to go with a synthwave style, so I made this 80’s inspired theme for EmulationStation.  Introducing Retrowave: plenty of laser grids, neon lights, and pixel test makes for a perfect match for RetroPie!

Image gallery:

Retrowave Theme – EmulationStation

Install via RetroPie Setup script, or download it manually here:

Check out the matching video splashscreen too!

Controlling Pi-Hole with Physical Buttons

Controlling Pi-Hole with Physical Buttons

I recently set up Pi-Hole, the awesome network-wide ad blocker that runs on a Raspberry Pi.  But, I wanted an easy way to enable/disable it using physical buttons attached to the device itself.  No problem- thanks to a Pimoroni Button Shim and some Python scripting, I can now control my Pi-Hole with the press of a button!

Read on for full instructions and the script I used.

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